Saturday, 12 September 2009

Putting the feeling in heartfelt.

As you may know we have been residing in Rob Slater's bedroom studio for many days recording the tracks that are going to be featured on the Heartfelt E.P alongside IMP. This is Robert Slater:

This is also Robert Slater:

The tracks are sounding really great so far! It's always hilarious and fun recording with rob and you usually produce something pretty special out of the songs you go there to record. Rob and i finished all our parts yesterday and now i'm completely wiped out. I suppose 3 hours sleeps and too much red wine the night before didn't help to keep my energy. We ate fish and chips and they were yummy so that boosted up the spirit to get going. Slater kicking my arse on tekken, did not. HOW CAN HE BEAT ME I THOUGHT I WAS THE QUEEN OF TEKKEN.

We have a busy Jeremiah week next week as we have 3 performances to do!

1 - We are doing an acoustic show at the theatre in the bar for their launch. This will include dressing classy, performing for an hour, in front of fat cats and arty associates and the like. EXCITED! (this is on the 17th and is an invite event only but im going to film it so you can see whether we made any faux pas (ha ha) haha?)

2- Next up is a FREE show at Carpe Diem in Leeds on the 18th in which we hope you all can make! Again it will be acoustic but we're going to try and put some little extras in their.

3- End of the mini tour - Yep that's right, i'm classing it as a mini tour - is at Escobar as an acoustic set again (maybe the rest of our band hate us) with Tiny Planets of which Rob Slater drums for and he drums for Jeremiah when we're a big band so we don't wanna tire that machine out! That's why we're acoustic. Wonderswan and Imp are also playing i do believe! So be sure to come down to that if you couldnt come to the other shows or you enjoy stalking us.


And if you all you eager Jeremiah fans out there (tumble weed enters and floats by) can't wait that long we have a show THIS SUNDAY which is TOMORROW 13TH SEPTEMBER! We are the opening slot for our good friends The Spills. It's the celebratory gig of their single launch. We will be playing acoustic as Slater is the leading man for The Spills. Man he must be sick of seeing us by now!

Okay we'll leave you alone now. But we shall leave you with this:

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Come and put a smile on their faces.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Heart Felt Recording

Hiya! I went to Slaters (Irene Cottege Studios) yesterday to record the bass and drums for our half of the split Ep we are doing with IMP entitled 'Heart Felt Ep'. It sounds really good so far. Slater has done the drums which makes the songs 10x better anyway haha. The songs we are doing are... 'I'd Rarther be Here' and a new song which no one has heard, not even us because we havnt finished it. It has a working title of 'I Was Your Knot' but that may change before the Ep is out.

But yeah thats it really, nothing much else has happened.

Oh yeah me and Abi and also Matty Smith and Beth Chesworth went to a music quiz in leeds on Tuesday. Our team was called 'Shut up Simon' on account of us hearing someone telling someone called Simon to shut up. We didnt do too bad, 20/40. avarage? Well we are going next week to try our luck again so we'll tell you what happens

-Rob xx