Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Newbies and where it all began

Hello and welcome to our blog! we are newbies but we wanna report all our band info and goings on to people on here for those that will have us.

A little bit about us:

We are a small band that has just recently begun, called Jeremiah.
Band members include: Rob Burnell and Abi Standish who contribute a number of instruments and noises to the project. When we play live, sometimes we will have a lovely backing band compiled of friends who don't mind helping out. We both come from pretty rubbish parts of England (Wakefield and Pontefract) but it's helped us form creative projects like this bevause well, theres nothing else to do.

Expect comics, videos, songs, links to cools stuff we think other might like,cats, crys and laughs from us and maybe some other tasty treats but for now here is a picture rob merged together on the genius and classic program that is microsoft paint

:Well all first pictures are meant to be a little unflattering right?

Here is our myspace page if you would like to be dear to your ears:

Thank you and signing off

-Jeremiah x