Monday, 31 August 2009

this has made me happy

So it's pretty self indulgent to post things im only excited about but i'm going to do it anyway.

I am so excited for the album and i loved this video. It cheered me up a hell of a lot.

In other news:

rob is now back from leeds festival, with all his limbs remaining. So we're going to be Jeremiahing up everything this next couple of weeks. We're recording at our good friend, rob slater's house soon for the two tracks we're submitting for a split ep with IMP. We're really excited about that. The ep is going to be entitled 'Heartfelt'. That's all we really know right now. It will have a track from us no one has heard yet. Hell we havent heard it all yet because we haven't finished writing it but hopefully it will form smoothly.

A blog about free singles we're giving out will be here soon.



Friday, 28 August 2009

missing out.

Robs at leeds festival and he saw Metric today. im jealous but i won't give him the satisfaction of knowing that. I'm kinda glad im not a leeds fest this year but i would have loved to have seen Metric. I'm drawing a poster at the moment for our gig at carpe diem. I have no idea who else is playing and it doesn't say on the promoters website so i guess im just going to have to put our name on it. I don't think that would drive people to come. I'm excited for the gig. it's on the 18th september but it's without the extended family and will just be rob and i doing an acoustic set but i think we're going to plan some extras in it somewhere. If you're reading this come to the show its FREE on the 18th September at carpe diem in leeds. We might do some drawings and leave them on the stage if anyone wants to take one home. Or we might put them inside the singles we're giving out for FREE also. I'll do another blog about that with the details.

The day before that gig we are performing and providing music for the theatre launch event in the bar. I'm looking forward to that, as it's a different kind of performing/gig format. im going to take my camera and try and film it so we can post it for your to fix your goggles on. This might help as it's a private invite event i think.

I got caught in the rain today in just jeans and tshirt and the rain water was absolutely freezing and i starting getting this chesty cough and felt generally naff so i had to go home. This means i had to miss a free all dayer gig that my friend put on - Including some local favourites and Jeffrey Lewis. So i ate spicy noodles wrapped in my dressing gown listening to the rain. fun.

abi x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Pictures From the Hop

Hello everyone, we have found loads of pictures on 'joel and nickys photo archive' 71 to be exact. they are really really good and we would like to thank joel and nicky!

Here is the link to the photos

Have a gander!

In the meantime... a taster:


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Our New Song Nanghihinayang

We have a new song entitled 'Nanghihinayang'. please listen to it all... please its so funny.

If this dosnt work for some reason then just click this link

I think this is the new direction for Jeremiah.


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Band Picture

We just thought we would show you the only picture we have of us from the hop gig as a full band, its just a picture we got outside after the gig, I'm not sure if there is any pictures of us playing haha

From left to right: (If you don't already know)
Rob B, Tom, Abi, Jim, Rob S, Matty, Johnny

Also guess what starts tonight... X factor, i actually hate myself for being exited for it but if Cheryl Cole is on the telle, i have to watch it. Abi will be watching it too but for different reasons,

ey? ey?


Friday, 21 August 2009

What she said...

I was going to do a blog about the gig but abi has already said all i wanted to say... bitch.

So instead ill talk about our audition thing we had today at wakefield theatre. Me and Abi met at the bus station at about 10 o'clock (early start, i had to bloody get up at 9:00... AM!) anyway... we arrived nervously at the theatre at about 10:20, we had to be there at 10:30 but its better to be early than late, ey? We asked for 'Keely'? 'Keeli'? at the box office and she came down to meet us. she was a very nice woman, we followed her upstairs to the bar and we played a couple of songs, these were The Wash and Juniors. she really liked them and she said she definitely wants us to play! she also said we should go into the wedding trade?

She apologised that she couldn't pay us (we didn't even expect to get paid) but she said we could have a couple of free tickets for the show they are promoting! cant wait.

-Rob x

It's gone.

The gig has been and gone and it felt brilliant!

That's right kids, SOLD OUT! By the way we couldn't move and the heat nearly melted us, we can verify that it definitely did sell out.

Okay so we had 7 people on stage and it was pretty cosy up there but it felt amazing, a massive family band super group! Hearing our once small songs with a full band sounded great. Rob Slater's drumming in incredible, it literally feels like the sound waves are going to lift you off the ground. We made some little mistakes but i don't think anyone could tell.

Our set list was:

- I'd Rather Be Here
- The Wash
- Matter Of Time
- In The Desert
- Do Whatever He Says
- Juniors

All in all i thought the songs flowed together well. I was so nervous when it came to singing In The Desert but i really enjoyed it. It sounds super cheesy but when i was full of nerves i just looked up for a second during this song and saw jay and all my friends faces glowing under the neon lighting of that stage lights and just filled with utter joy and excitement. I felt very humbled by the whole thing. The fact all these wonderful, kind musicians took time out our their lives to help us out making our dream setup and the kind wonderful people that came to see us. MASSIVE THANKS TO TONI LINES AND STICKY SHOES. You took a risk with us and we're ever thankful for that. Our set seemed to go so quick. We will upload any photos we find hanging around over the internet when we can. I wanted to film the whole thing but my camera was just not charging very quick at all. I'm so lucky to have these experiences to be part of and to enjoy. Logically i really shouldn't have any part in making music never mind SINGING! i some how sneaked my way in there and i've sort of set up home in it all.

St Gregory also made their debut as a live band and WOW! More than i ever hoped for. I've been listening to Tim's stuff for a long time. When we both had our solo porjects set up on myspace we were pretty much the only people we had that listened to our tracks on a regular basis for a while. I've always been entranced by the songs and musical magic he's formed in from his laptop labotory.

I unfortunately didn't catch much of Mik Artistik, much by the fact i couldn't get into the room but what i heard sounded interesting. John Cooper Clarke, the man, the poet people had all been waiting for. The place was PACKED! it felt good to be a show that had that feeling of excitement and gathering at Wakefield. Toni should be proud of her self for brightening up such a washed up city.

Here are a couple of photographs i got:

St Greogry Orange whispering apologies.

Becky (one of the greatest ladies ever) with our awesome blue shirt L.A glow band members
Jim and Tom

Antonia Lines, the legend herself and me absorbing all the heat backstage.

too lovely talented bastards. i mean chaps.

Anyway that was just my perspective of the gig. I'll try get rob to update you all on his feelings and thoughts about it all.
abi x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The 19th has appeared!

Wow. The day has actually arrived. It felt like this gig was always going to be there. Some of you may know that tonight is our debut show as a full band. That's a nice subtle 7 piece band for you. 7 seems to be our number too because it is also the time we're on stage. YIKES! For the past few days i've been trying an array of sore throat remedies and i hope it all works, just for tonight. Rob came round yesterday and we had a mini practice and talked about the gig and im really excited but i dont put it lightly when i say I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS ARGGH! it should be fun though! Some of the things we had planned for the gig couldn't be done this time round but they will if we ever get the chance to do this again. We've got a couple of things in store though. We're really excited to see the other bands performances too! - St Gregory Orange will be a treat i'm sure! i've never heard any of Mik Artistik yet and we're opening support for punk poet, John Cooper Clarke. Jeez those Sticky Shoes are brilliant indeed. I'm meeting rob about 2 and we're going to jinjas for some lunch and to share our nerves and excitement.

Oh if anyone is still needing information about this gig here it is:

7pm Jeremiah
8pm St Gregory Orange
around 9pm Mik Artistik
10:30 - 11:30 John Cooper Clarke.

This is a guest list event and it's free. AT THE HOP

In other Jeremiah news : we might be playing an acoustic set for the Wakefield Theatre launch thing. I think we're just going to be playing in the background in the bar whilst people mingle, darling. The lady who is booking us was supposed to come tonight but can't make it so we've got this audtion type thing on friday morning at the theatre. We just have to play her a song so she can confirm she wants us but she did say we're the kind of thing she's looking for so it sounds promising. We will report back with results. Oh yeah we only get to play one song for her so if you guys have any suggestions of which one we should play, do tell us!

Love and nerves

Abi x

Monday, 10 August 2009

sweat and nerves.

On sunday we had our very first practice as a full band. All 7 of us. It was a very noisy and sweaty encounter but a great one at that. It was a narrow but nice room and it became very warm very quickly and we looked like we were all going to melt into the carpet. It couldn't have gone much better than it did. We managed to play the whole set list together and go through all the songs a few times and it felt great. I'm really really excited about the gig now but also very,very NERVOUS. We're so thankful for everyone managing to take time to come and practice with us and be our kind of super group.

We want to make this gig fun and enjoyable for everyone who is attending. like a real live show. Whether we can pull it off is yet to be seen. we could get 200 tuts from the crowd. YIKES! we have a few surPRI(Z)ES. Lets just hope they work out.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jeremiah Drinking Game

Our lovely friend Antonia designed a drinking game to play to our song The Wash!

here are the rules: (just click onto them to make them bigger)

Learn the rules now and you can be ready to play at our gig on August 19th!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Unless you havnt already been told... the first sticky shoes podcast feat. Jeremiah is up and you can now download it!!!

Here is the link
(its at the bottom of the page)

yeah so this is the podcast we recorded at harry super cool basement in osset, its an hour long but its worth listening to it all as its not just us, there is also an interview/DEEbate with the one and only Rob Dee.

Please download it, not just for us but also for Sticky Shoes