Sunday, 31 May 2009

Hello! We have finally decided on a name for our E.P and we've gone with 'Under All Your Shapes'. We will explain all meaning about it and very soon in another blog when we confirm the track listing. Today i've been making a short video for Jeremiah. Me and Rob just have to put some music to it, which will be available a free download when we post up the video if you guys wanted it to add to your playlist. I loosely wrote a new song we're going to try out when we practice tuesday. The video will be up to feast your eyes on and the song will be available for download round about then too. So do tune in and tell us what you think! The good, the bad the ugly go head!

Abi x

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Jeremiah Trivia!

I just thought that every time me and rob discover a good bit of trivia about ourselves, the band and/or other things we wanna share with you, we'll do a little triva post!

Here's one about rob i just dicovered, it's a quote and everything!

"ive never eaten a full bag of skittles in my life without being sick, its just skittkes tho, its never happend with anything else, its so annoying tho, cos skittles are soooooooooooooooooo tasty"

gigs pigs and rollercoasters

Hello! Just thought i'd update you on a couple of things going on with Jeremiah as we haven't said much for a bit. I've been away camping in sommerset for a few days and it was great! gave me some ideas for some new songs which we're going to get started on soon. These new songs might very well be housed on the Jeremiah/IMP split e.p which is going to be released on the lovely local record label, Philophobia! Here is the link for all things philophobia I'm not too sure how much we can reveal on that so until then ill keep it vague but as soon as i can spill the beans, i spill 'em good!

In other news we've got a couple of gig dates situated in Wakefield and we would be very happy if you attended. One is in on the 12th June at escobar which should be fun as we've never played there before with Jeremiah. We also have one on the 19th August as the opener for the poet John Cooper Clarke and it will also see the debut live show from poptronica treat St Gregory Orange! I think i'm playing keyboard for that actually, which exciting! This gig will be at the Hop in wakefield.

Oh yeah, about the open mic night we played a couple of weeks ago: it was really fun. We got very nervous and we showcased the brand new song 'I'd Rather Be Here' which is the 'buddyholly' song we've mentioned in previous blogs. There we're some other interesting acts and the guy who ran it was very nice and a teacher i believe. Here are some photos taken from the event if you just visit this link CLICK and if you just go on to our photos you can have a look-see!

I've just got back from Blackpool, it was really spooky. Seaside towns are really surreal in the middle of the day on a wednesday. I went to the Ripley's Believe it or not museum and i believed it all. Me and my friend also went on this ghost house thing - really scary!

We'll catch you guys pretty soon, take it easy!

Abi x

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Wash!

The Philophobia Compilation and the forthcoming Jeremiah EP version of 'the wash' is now up on our myspace, please have a listen and tell us what you think!!


Saturday, 16 May 2009

B-ball Baby!

I just got home not too long ago from recording and it's been really good. We took a break at one point to play some 'piggy in the middle' basket ball and it was really fun. Jim is a pro and it made me realize just how unfit i am. 'Ten Gold Stars' is nearly finished, put some nice piano it. I think we might rename that song though. i was thinking of calling it 'Juniors' which was it's original title. We also had a little jam with the brand new song we're writing which we're really excited about! This one has been written for all the band so i can't wait to put it into practice. Pedro was very cute today as usual, he fits into Rob's jurassic park baseball cap which is way too cute! I'm currently uploading some footage of making the e.p and a couple of clips from our last minute performance at the hop last friday. I'll have that up for you guys to feast your eyes on really soon, like tonight or tomorrow.

Oooooh how could i forget?! we got some exciting news the other day: we have been chosen to play at the royal theatre in wakefield as one of the variety of performances for the launch they do every year there! It's not till september so we'll have time to prepare for it which is good because we want to make it something special. I'm thinking since the e.p will definitely be done by then, along with the music videos, we're going to try and get a projector to screen our videos behind us as we play. Also we're going to try and put up some of our drawings and comics and stuff. But till then we have an open mic night to do this monday which we're still really excited about. It's also the day we get some of jim's lovely surprises :) we hope they go down well. He still doesn't know and it's a secret, ssshhhh.

Here are some photographs for you to look upon till a video comes your way:

Lots of love and secrets
- abi x

Friday, 15 May 2009


The Ep sounds gooooooood man (and women). we really cant wait to finish it and let glide down the ears of all of you lovely people. i am in the process of trying to write some lyrics for this buddy holly song which is turning out to be harder than anticipated. I think what happens is, i sit down to write them but then i play on resident evil.

Im off to play resident evil

-Rob xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hello new

Hey! at practice we wrote 2 new songs and we can't wait to record and play them. We also have a full band line up now for live shows we think. I think we'll double check it again before we reveal. Rob went to jim's today to rock the guitar on some tracks, i bet he was distracted by pedro a lot! he is awfully cute and give you the i just-wanna-pick-you-up-all-the-time syndrome. We also played Grand Theft Auto and it was fun, the new one is soooo good!
abi x

Monday, 11 May 2009


Well last weekend we went to jim's house and had a bunch of fun recording. we've done the drums and guitar and even some vocals for 3 tracks already which was good. Jim stocks up on some of the best biscuits i've ever tasted, Amen! On friday we're returning to jim's to do some more recording, hopefully put some violin on one of the tracks! We're toying around with a few names for the e.p, none have stuck yet though. We're playing at an open mic night in wakefield at The Hop next monday too, so we'll be sure to let you know how that goes. Oh yeah after recording at jims on friday we got a very unexpected gig at the hop along side Andy and The Big Shark which was a treat! Also since recording at jim's we've discoverd a lovely little cafe' called Jinja's near the market. Jinja is a nice lady and she even sells some nice spirits to wash down whatever lovely snack concoction you might order! she even promised us a free soft drink when we return again! Which will be friday - better have that soft drink ready and chilled jinja or there will be trouble!

I'm off to rob's tomorrow to practice and work on some new songs, maybe play a little GTA in the mean time too. caps in yo' ass and what not.

night night fellow people with ears and peepers

Abi x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Exciting things are happening

It's true! Well it's exciting for us anyways. As you know we're recording at jim's house on friday and we're still very excited about that. I will also be filming some of it and i'll post it on here for you to feast your eyes on. Also, we've been having lots of ideas for the music videos to accompany the songs on the e.p and i've also designed the sleeve for it too.

On sunday we're doing a live set for the Sticky Shoes podcast and it's going to be recorded in harry's basement. Proper Wayne's World style, can't wait! We seem to have this new thing for pool. we wanna get really good secretly and then hustle at the pubs maaaan. haha maybe not but get mad skilllzzz to get jaw dropping facial expressions.

abi x

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rob's already said it but Pedro is soooooo cute!

We also had a chat to Jim about the records we're doing for the e.p and we're very excited. Recording starts on friday and we'll update you on how it's all coming together. I think pedro should be the Jeremiah mascot. Yesterday at practice we had a go at covering some Girls Aloud songs and it was really fun. Also we're working on this poppy buddy holly style track.

abi x

Saturday, 2 May 2009


This is my first ever blog!!!! ever ever ever, im not too sure what im doing but i just need to state my love for kittens. After we practiced today, at the wonderfull place that is abby's house, we went to James Browns house to talk recording but most importantly... meet the most adorable kitten i have ever seen. In case anyone dosnt know... I LOVE CATS. I also love girls aloud, but anyway this kitten is amazing, i really wanted to squeese him, but of course that would of killed him... so i didn't.

We are going back next weekend to record so we'll get to see him again, we took some pictures and videos, if i have done this correctly a video should be below this line.

His name is Pedro by the way

That concludes my first ever blog, untill next time

-Rob x

Friday, 1 May 2009

recording, cuppas and kittens

Tomorrow we are going to have a practice then head to Jim's at Garage Studios to talk about the e.p we want him to kindly produce. He recently had a visit to his door by this east european boy who had a kitten with him and was asking around for people to buy it and it was all a bit suspicious. Jim being the hero that he is (he must took his cape into his shirt) bought the kitten just to put it in safer hands. We're excited about petting the kitten as well as recording. i wonder if jim makes a good cuppa? hmmm i'll report back tomorrow with the answer to that and many more intersting things

Abi x