Friday, 29 January 2010

Finish him!


Well as i was about to begin this blog i noticed that we now have 10 followers. We appreciate each and everyone of you for being interested (or seeming so) in our drone.

We have a new song and we'll be showing it the world (the small and kind audience at Inns of Court) at the Bambinos EP launch, which we are really looking forward to.

If you want to know what Rob is up to, he just typed this wonderful anecdote to me right this minute "ive just unlocked this little bowling mini game on that tekken game i got for my psp." So you all know Rob is doing just fine. He's in the process of opening a bank account too. Can you believe that?! He's managed to cope going place to place without bank accounts. Anyway another of the boring Rob trivia before we all fall asleep slap, bang on our keyboards...Oh one more actually. Last Sunday we had a Tekken tournament and well in the words of the deep, scary voice over - "YOU WIN" - (me)

I'd say this is a good place to stop talking. Well, typing.

Night night,

abi x

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