Sunday, 10 January 2010



s'up friends?

So it's a year that is new and here and we'll be better at up keeping our blog and be less like a child who no longer has the most excitement for their new pet and won't clean it's hutch out.
We'll be reporting all Jeremiah relating news, songs, recordings, gigs, videos, makings, friends, scandals - (the scandal will all be Rob's doing, i'm sure.)

So January has a couple of installments:

First off, our split Heart Felt has had some nice feedback so far. If you'd like to purchase this little gem containing 2 tracks from our beloved van dam movies fans, IMP and 2 from us then visit this website:

Rob and I are practicing next Saturday and having a few fights on Tekken. We've both got some new songs in the works and we hope to be playing those at our next gig which is the 31st January at the Bambinos' ep Launch. Inns Of Court, Wakefield, 7pm. Hope you can make it!

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