Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Come to our gig!!

We are playing our first live gig as a full piece band on the 19th august at The Hop in Wakefield. We are supporting John Cooper Clarke!!! What?!?!?! and also St Gregory Orange, so if you are interested in a fun packed night out you have to ask to be on the Stickyshoes guestlist because of the amount of people going.

You can give them a message on here... http://www.myspace.com/mystickystickyshoes

200 people? we are shitting ourselfs.

So... who is in the full line up? i hear you ask. Well its... Take a deep breath*
Abi Standish - Vocals, Percussion
Rob Burnell - Vocals, Guitar
James Brown - Guitar
Rob Slater - Drums
Johnny Taylor - Violin
Matty Smith - Bass
Tom Scholey - Keyboard

Yeah thats 7 members, get over it!! :)

Just to make you want to come to the gig that little bit more, we have made a video for your enjoyment.... make of it what you wish, also it has abi's kittens Poppy (Popps) and Olive at the beginning. CUTE!!

-Rob x

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