Wednesday, 1 July 2009

'oh shit it wasn't on record.'

sorry for a bit of an anti climax video there, we thought it was recording a lot more than that but it stopped right after we said 'hello'. I always knew the camera never liked Rob. We did sing an improvised birthday song for our friend Matthew but yet again, it didn't record. However i'm sure there will be a few stupid videos for you to laugh at us and not with us kind of thing, in the not too distant future. Oh yeah and the Simon Cowell picture in the background is Rob's...

In other news i'm finishing up editing the clips together for our 'making of the e.p' video. That should be up here in the next few days. We've organized to go finish the 3 songs we've recorded at Jim's and start 2 new ones next weekend. Today our friend Johnny has gone round to Jim's studio to finish recording some violin parts on one of the tracks. We hope to be bringing you Under All Your Shapes e.p VERY SOON. - just gotta do a shitload of filming for the music videos.

Stay good and wear sun screen

Love Abi x ( the one that does all the work)

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