Wednesday, 27 May 2009

gigs pigs and rollercoasters

Hello! Just thought i'd update you on a couple of things going on with Jeremiah as we haven't said much for a bit. I've been away camping in sommerset for a few days and it was great! gave me some ideas for some new songs which we're going to get started on soon. These new songs might very well be housed on the Jeremiah/IMP split e.p which is going to be released on the lovely local record label, Philophobia! Here is the link for all things philophobia I'm not too sure how much we can reveal on that so until then ill keep it vague but as soon as i can spill the beans, i spill 'em good!

In other news we've got a couple of gig dates situated in Wakefield and we would be very happy if you attended. One is in on the 12th June at escobar which should be fun as we've never played there before with Jeremiah. We also have one on the 19th August as the opener for the poet John Cooper Clarke and it will also see the debut live show from poptronica treat St Gregory Orange! I think i'm playing keyboard for that actually, which exciting! This gig will be at the Hop in wakefield.

Oh yeah, about the open mic night we played a couple of weeks ago: it was really fun. We got very nervous and we showcased the brand new song 'I'd Rather Be Here' which is the 'buddyholly' song we've mentioned in previous blogs. There we're some other interesting acts and the guy who ran it was very nice and a teacher i believe. Here are some photos taken from the event if you just visit this link CLICK and if you just go on to our photos you can have a look-see!

I've just got back from Blackpool, it was really spooky. Seaside towns are really surreal in the middle of the day on a wednesday. I went to the Ripley's Believe it or not museum and i believed it all. Me and my friend also went on this ghost house thing - really scary!

We'll catch you guys pretty soon, take it easy!

Abi x

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