Saturday, 16 May 2009

B-ball Baby!

I just got home not too long ago from recording and it's been really good. We took a break at one point to play some 'piggy in the middle' basket ball and it was really fun. Jim is a pro and it made me realize just how unfit i am. 'Ten Gold Stars' is nearly finished, put some nice piano it. I think we might rename that song though. i was thinking of calling it 'Juniors' which was it's original title. We also had a little jam with the brand new song we're writing which we're really excited about! This one has been written for all the band so i can't wait to put it into practice. Pedro was very cute today as usual, he fits into Rob's jurassic park baseball cap which is way too cute! I'm currently uploading some footage of making the e.p and a couple of clips from our last minute performance at the hop last friday. I'll have that up for you guys to feast your eyes on really soon, like tonight or tomorrow.

Oooooh how could i forget?! we got some exciting news the other day: we have been chosen to play at the royal theatre in wakefield as one of the variety of performances for the launch they do every year there! It's not till september so we'll have time to prepare for it which is good because we want to make it something special. I'm thinking since the e.p will definitely be done by then, along with the music videos, we're going to try and get a projector to screen our videos behind us as we play. Also we're going to try and put up some of our drawings and comics and stuff. But till then we have an open mic night to do this monday which we're still really excited about. It's also the day we get some of jim's lovely surprises :) we hope they go down well. He still doesn't know and it's a secret, ssshhhh.

Here are some photographs for you to look upon till a video comes your way:

Lots of love and secrets
- abi x

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