Saturday, 2 May 2009


This is my first ever blog!!!! ever ever ever, im not too sure what im doing but i just need to state my love for kittens. After we practiced today, at the wonderfull place that is abby's house, we went to James Browns house to talk recording but most importantly... meet the most adorable kitten i have ever seen. In case anyone dosnt know... I LOVE CATS. I also love girls aloud, but anyway this kitten is amazing, i really wanted to squeese him, but of course that would of killed him... so i didn't.

We are going back next weekend to record so we'll get to see him again, we took some pictures and videos, if i have done this correctly a video should be below this line.

His name is Pedro by the way

That concludes my first ever blog, untill next time

-Rob x

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