Monday, 11 May 2009


Well last weekend we went to jim's house and had a bunch of fun recording. we've done the drums and guitar and even some vocals for 3 tracks already which was good. Jim stocks up on some of the best biscuits i've ever tasted, Amen! On friday we're returning to jim's to do some more recording, hopefully put some violin on one of the tracks! We're toying around with a few names for the e.p, none have stuck yet though. We're playing at an open mic night in wakefield at The Hop next monday too, so we'll be sure to let you know how that goes. Oh yeah after recording at jims on friday we got a very unexpected gig at the hop along side Andy and The Big Shark which was a treat! Also since recording at jim's we've discoverd a lovely little cafe' called Jinja's near the market. Jinja is a nice lady and she even sells some nice spirits to wash down whatever lovely snack concoction you might order! she even promised us a free soft drink when we return again! Which will be friday - better have that soft drink ready and chilled jinja or there will be trouble!

I'm off to rob's tomorrow to practice and work on some new songs, maybe play a little GTA in the mean time too. caps in yo' ass and what not.

night night fellow people with ears and peepers

Abi x

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