Monday, 31 August 2009

this has made me happy

So it's pretty self indulgent to post things im only excited about but i'm going to do it anyway.

I am so excited for the album and i loved this video. It cheered me up a hell of a lot.

In other news:

rob is now back from leeds festival, with all his limbs remaining. So we're going to be Jeremiahing up everything this next couple of weeks. We're recording at our good friend, rob slater's house soon for the two tracks we're submitting for a split ep with IMP. We're really excited about that. The ep is going to be entitled 'Heartfelt'. That's all we really know right now. It will have a track from us no one has heard yet. Hell we havent heard it all yet because we haven't finished writing it but hopefully it will form smoothly.

A blog about free singles we're giving out will be here soon.



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