Friday, 21 August 2009

It's gone.

The gig has been and gone and it felt brilliant!

That's right kids, SOLD OUT! By the way we couldn't move and the heat nearly melted us, we can verify that it definitely did sell out.

Okay so we had 7 people on stage and it was pretty cosy up there but it felt amazing, a massive family band super group! Hearing our once small songs with a full band sounded great. Rob Slater's drumming in incredible, it literally feels like the sound waves are going to lift you off the ground. We made some little mistakes but i don't think anyone could tell.

Our set list was:

- I'd Rather Be Here
- The Wash
- Matter Of Time
- In The Desert
- Do Whatever He Says
- Juniors

All in all i thought the songs flowed together well. I was so nervous when it came to singing In The Desert but i really enjoyed it. It sounds super cheesy but when i was full of nerves i just looked up for a second during this song and saw jay and all my friends faces glowing under the neon lighting of that stage lights and just filled with utter joy and excitement. I felt very humbled by the whole thing. The fact all these wonderful, kind musicians took time out our their lives to help us out making our dream setup and the kind wonderful people that came to see us. MASSIVE THANKS TO TONI LINES AND STICKY SHOES. You took a risk with us and we're ever thankful for that. Our set seemed to go so quick. We will upload any photos we find hanging around over the internet when we can. I wanted to film the whole thing but my camera was just not charging very quick at all. I'm so lucky to have these experiences to be part of and to enjoy. Logically i really shouldn't have any part in making music never mind SINGING! i some how sneaked my way in there and i've sort of set up home in it all.

St Gregory also made their debut as a live band and WOW! More than i ever hoped for. I've been listening to Tim's stuff for a long time. When we both had our solo porjects set up on myspace we were pretty much the only people we had that listened to our tracks on a regular basis for a while. I've always been entranced by the songs and musical magic he's formed in from his laptop labotory.

I unfortunately didn't catch much of Mik Artistik, much by the fact i couldn't get into the room but what i heard sounded interesting. John Cooper Clarke, the man, the poet people had all been waiting for. The place was PACKED! it felt good to be a show that had that feeling of excitement and gathering at Wakefield. Toni should be proud of her self for brightening up such a washed up city.

Here are a couple of photographs i got:

St Greogry Orange whispering apologies.

Becky (one of the greatest ladies ever) with our awesome blue shirt L.A glow band members
Jim and Tom

Antonia Lines, the legend herself and me absorbing all the heat backstage.

too lovely talented bastards. i mean chaps.

Anyway that was just my perspective of the gig. I'll try get rob to update you all on his feelings and thoughts about it all.
abi x

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