Monday, 10 August 2009

sweat and nerves.

On sunday we had our very first practice as a full band. All 7 of us. It was a very noisy and sweaty encounter but a great one at that. It was a narrow but nice room and it became very warm very quickly and we looked like we were all going to melt into the carpet. It couldn't have gone much better than it did. We managed to play the whole set list together and go through all the songs a few times and it felt great. I'm really really excited about the gig now but also very,very NERVOUS. We're so thankful for everyone managing to take time to come and practice with us and be our kind of super group.

We want to make this gig fun and enjoyable for everyone who is attending. like a real live show. Whether we can pull it off is yet to be seen. we could get 200 tuts from the crowd. YIKES! we have a few surPRI(Z)ES. Lets just hope they work out.


  1. i guarentee a no-tut policy from george garthwaite

  2. 1 not tut policy is a million to us.

  3. make it 2.
    stickyshoes loves you x