Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The 19th has appeared!

Wow. The day has actually arrived. It felt like this gig was always going to be there. Some of you may know that tonight is our debut show as a full band. That's a nice subtle 7 piece band for you. 7 seems to be our number too because it is also the time we're on stage. YIKES! For the past few days i've been trying an array of sore throat remedies and i hope it all works, just for tonight. Rob came round yesterday and we had a mini practice and talked about the gig and im really excited but i dont put it lightly when i say I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS ARGGH! it should be fun though! Some of the things we had planned for the gig couldn't be done this time round but they will if we ever get the chance to do this again. We've got a couple of things in store though. We're really excited to see the other bands performances too! - St Gregory Orange will be a treat i'm sure! i've never heard any of Mik Artistik yet and we're opening support for punk poet, John Cooper Clarke. Jeez those Sticky Shoes are brilliant indeed. I'm meeting rob about 2 and we're going to jinjas for some lunch and to share our nerves and excitement.

Oh if anyone is still needing information about this gig here it is:

7pm Jeremiah
8pm St Gregory Orange
around 9pm Mik Artistik
10:30 - 11:30 John Cooper Clarke.

This is a guest list event and it's free. AT THE HOP

In other Jeremiah news : we might be playing an acoustic set for the Wakefield Theatre launch thing. I think we're just going to be playing in the background in the bar whilst people mingle, darling. The lady who is booking us was supposed to come tonight but can't make it so we've got this audtion type thing on friday morning at the theatre. We just have to play her a song so she can confirm she wants us but she did say we're the kind of thing she's looking for so it sounds promising. We will report back with results. Oh yeah we only get to play one song for her so if you guys have any suggestions of which one we should play, do tell us!

Love and nerves

Abi x

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