Friday, 28 August 2009

missing out.

Robs at leeds festival and he saw Metric today. im jealous but i won't give him the satisfaction of knowing that. I'm kinda glad im not a leeds fest this year but i would have loved to have seen Metric. I'm drawing a poster at the moment for our gig at carpe diem. I have no idea who else is playing and it doesn't say on the promoters website so i guess im just going to have to put our name on it. I don't think that would drive people to come. I'm excited for the gig. it's on the 18th september but it's without the extended family and will just be rob and i doing an acoustic set but i think we're going to plan some extras in it somewhere. If you're reading this come to the show its FREE on the 18th September at carpe diem in leeds. We might do some drawings and leave them on the stage if anyone wants to take one home. Or we might put them inside the singles we're giving out for FREE also. I'll do another blog about that with the details.

The day before that gig we are performing and providing music for the theatre launch event in the bar. I'm looking forward to that, as it's a different kind of performing/gig format. im going to take my camera and try and film it so we can post it for your to fix your goggles on. This might help as it's a private invite event i think.

I got caught in the rain today in just jeans and tshirt and the rain water was absolutely freezing and i starting getting this chesty cough and felt generally naff so i had to go home. This means i had to miss a free all dayer gig that my friend put on - Including some local favourites and Jeffrey Lewis. So i ate spicy noodles wrapped in my dressing gown listening to the rain. fun.

abi x

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